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Environment & Our Commitments

At A.K.Lumbers Ltd. (Timber Wood Suppliers), we recognize that we are an integral part of an increasingly environmentally-conscious supply chain. We therefore have a strong corporate commitment to the environment and produce products that have strong environmental credentials. This approach helps our customers respond to consumer demands for more sustainable housing and makes it easier for them to meet government targets for conservation and sustainability.

Sourcing Policy

As part of our commitment to the environment, we only purchase timber from suppliers who harvest wood from sustainably-managed forests.

All the forests we source from are certified by the Country Government. We ensure and work throughout the forest supply chain to ensure that timber products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

We also use our purchasing power to influence our suppliers to adopt responsible environmental policies.

The Benefits of Sustainable Timber

Timber from well-managed forests is a renewable and environmentally responsible building product. Growing trees lock away CO2 and so play a part in combating climate change. Sustainably-managed plantations also provide a range of habitat and other environmental benefits.

Producing an Environmentally-friendly Product

Our Timber products are not only made from sustainably-managed timber, they also enable our customers to achieve faster build times (compared with other methods) and help them reduce waste. Because of its strong environmental credentials, Timber Frame can help contractors and developers meet government sustainability guidelines and regulations.

At A.K.Lumbers Ltd. (Timber Wood Suppliers), we are helping to drive the development of ever greener Timber Frame technology – as shown by our products which can be used to deliver homes that are exceptionally energy efficient and airtight.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint – and that of our Customers

Our environmental commitment extends beyond the sourcing of our products. We also aim to minimize our use of fossil fuels by good practice and investment in energy-efficient manufacturing technology and transport. We also work to reduce the amount of waste we produced and maximize the amount we recycle.

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